Do we feel safe at barlow with the current security?

Student management office here at Barlow
Student management office here at Barlow
Lillie Thayer

Barlow had a School Resource Officer, but two years ago, he returned to work in the Gresham community. With the officer leaving, the Barlow Student Management had more responsibility for daily occurrences.

We interviewed students about their opinions about the security at Barlow and asked them what would make them feel safer. 

The students said they are all comfortable with the safety procedures in place now. 

 When asked about others letting people in through the side doors, they all had strong opinions. 

One student said, “everyone should still continue to check in at the office.”

  Another student suggested that when you come in late, you should show your student ID to get into the building, just like the teachers do. 

Yet another student said, “The exact reason the students, staff, security, and teachers are afraid of is that someone gets in and doesn’t go to Barlow. There have been 18 school shootings in schools as of April 22nd, 2024, according to CNN. Having the side doors open gives Barlow students more of an advantage to do things they want to do, like going to seminary or going off campus. Some students would like having the doors at lunch, like for the freshman, because they can sit outside and enjoy the weather that is becoming. Students and staff have been keeping the security on their minds when they come to school.  While we had a resource officer, we, the administrators, were there and knew what they needed to keep Barlow safe. They have been ahead of most of the problems and they have kept the activities up. Let’s  Keep Barlow safe!

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