Barlow student’s binge-worthy shows


Ms. Adina

The abundance of streaming services make it easy to find something to binge-watch.

Ben Rivas, Staff Writer

Over this long break, seemingly a lifetime, most of us are either starting new shows that we will easily get attached to and end up binge-watching all day or starting new seasons of shows we’ve seen before.

After taking to Instagram to see what Barlow students have been watching so far during this quarantine break, we’ve gotten some responses on our poll. One popular response was the hit HBO show “Euphoria”. Although “Euphoria” doesn’t have a proper release date for season two yet due to Covid, they did release a special episode on the December 6th called “Trouble Don’t Always Last.” They are also planning on releasing another special on January 2th. Two other popular responses were “Vampire Diaries” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Fortunately, “Grey’s Anatomy” has premiered its 17th season on November 12th of this year, and “Vampire Diaries” is premiering its 9th season in 2021. Both of those shows can be found, and watched on Netflix. “Stranger Things” was another hit Netflix show in the polls, and is also premiering the 4th season, however, fans are unclear when yet due to Covid restrictions, although, there have been photos of the cast members filming carefully on set, wearing masks as much as they possibly can.

Sadly, shows that will not be returning are “iZombie”, and “Teen Wolf.” Both of the directors of “Teen Wolf” and “iZombie” agreed that the show has run its course, and it’s time for it to end, although there was a rumor that “Teen Wolf” would have a returning 7th season, it was proven false later on.

With that being said, Covid has been a good opportunity for binge-watching countless amounts of shows, and even starting new ones.