Holiday gift guide


"Droid Gingerbread" on Flickr

Festive gifts for the season of giving.

Leila Capps, Social Media Editor and Photo Editor

With the holidays in full swing, some may be having trouble finding that perfect gift. Whether they be family, friends, or even co-workers. Some universal gifts that everyone and anyone would appreciate are your basic gift cards, money, and favorite candy, but there are also some fun options that you may not have thought of quite yet. Such as socks and t-shirts with inside jokes and puns on them. That’ll always be a fun way of showing someone that you care. 

With the weather beginning to drop and become colder, a new beanie or hat may be a nice gesture. For those who don’t plan on spending too much money this holiday season, homemade gifts are always a treat. Whether it may be baked goods or a piece of artwork if you’re into artsy activities. You could also get someone a house plant. Plants can make a great gift due to their variety. There are succulents, cacti, and many different types of flowers, however, I might very well be biased due to the many plants I own. Another great option is fuzzy blankets, especially the person’s favorite color or holiday-themed is a guaranteed a solid choice, one can never have too many blankets.       

Even if you don’t know the person that you are gifting very well, there is still hope for you! You can take one detail that you know about the person and make it into a gift, for example, a candle. You may have heard that they love the smell of peppermint. Or even get the items from their favorite tv show such as stickers, a poster, or a book. Although the holiday season is not all about gifts and when it comes down to it, the best way to show someone your appreciation, Is through quality time. You can always write the person a heartfelt card or letter, and it will be just as special.