Students chime in about the potential of going back to school


Ms. Adina

290 students were polled in Advisory classes on the possibility of going back to school in-person.

Now that a lot of students have gotten used to at-home learning, the thought of going back to school is a little scary. Okay, maybe not scary, but it is a little weird to think that we will be going back to school. I don’t know if I am the only one, but my social skills aren’t going to be any good when we go back to school. Most of us have gotten very used to texting and snap chatting with our friends and I feel like most of us are gonna be kind of socially awkward when we go back..

Not only is the social aspect of it daunting, but COVID-19 is still a thing. Realistically, who knows if every student is going to come back to school because they don’t want to bring any sickness back to their homes. I know for me my biggest fear is getting COVID and giving it to my grandparents because I am around them a lot.

I know I am not the only student that has concerns about going back to school. One senior, Indikah Wilkins, says “I feel like going back to school might be a little weird because it’s not going to be like how it used to be and not everyone will be able to go back because of COVID and social distancing.” I think a lot of people would agree with her about that. We are so used to our new way of doing things that I honestly don’t know if it will ever go back to “normal” and if things do change back to how it was it will probably be weird.

There are some students who think going back to school won’t be weird at all. Eyin Senteno, a junior at Barlow, explains, “I want to go back to school and I don’t think it will be weird because we will just have to wear masks and we are used to that now.” He does make a great point about how it will feel like normal. I honestly feel like it would be weirder to go to school and not wear masks than it would to go back like nothing ever happened. 

It’s hard to say what our future holds as far as what school is going to be like. I know that it is possible that we might be in one classroom the whole school day and not really get to leave the classroom which doesn’t sound like a good time. However, we will probably need to take baby steps if we do want to go back to how it was.