Disney’s new film “Soul” uplifts it’s audience after the chaos of 2020

Kaelin Collar, Editor-in-Chief

Disney gifted us all a present on Christmas of the new movie Soul which was originally intended to be in theaters June 19 but is now released on Disney+. Following the main character, Joe Gardener, an aspiring jazz artist who hasn’t had his “big break” spends his days as a middle school band teacher so you’d think when he’s offered the full time position he’d be thrilled. However, Gardener only lives to be lost in the music he plays. Once falling down a manhole finding himself on a conveyor belt leading towards a blinding white light, Gardener panics and ultimately runs from death into a world of “before birth.” Once Gardener meets 22, they team up to complete an engravement, officially allowing the story to begin its take off.

 Traveling to the “zone,” a space between physicality and spirituality of life the two meet those who allowed their obsession and anxiety to overrun their lives. Throughout the film, it’s evident Gardener believes without music his life simply has no purpose making the audience consider his destiny during the movie whether he’ll have a change of heart or forever live the same, but how will 22 live after spending time with Gardener advocating “life has no purpose without a spark.” While the movie is astonishingly life changing, the storyline, details, and ending shall be at your viewer discretion.

2020 was an unexpected year, disappointing many and really making us question life’s purpose. Disney’s movie Soul accomplishes quite a lot as an emotional tribute to the lost art of jazz music and the inspiring power of music itself, along with persevering diversity through its African-American representation. I solely believe the message from the author is simply to live in the moment and as cliche as it sounds, live life to the fullest because we get one chance.