Pandemic effect on movies and streaming

The pandemic has changed so much about the way we live and somehow we’ve adjusted to these changes. One big impact Covid has had is on the entertainment industry. Theatres have shut down and our only entertainment is what we have at home. While we have adjusted to staying inside, movie companies have adjusted as well making many movies available to many at-home audiences. Recently, big movies like Soul and Wonder Woman 1984 have been put on streaming services for no additional cost. I want to talk about how this could impact movie theatres and my overall opinion of the future of at-home streaming. 

One of the biggest things I think many of us are looking forward to when the pandemic ends is heading over to the movie theater and enjoying a nice time with friends and family. As the pandemic continues many films have been put on streaming platforms at a lower cost such as movies from Warner Brothers Studios. They recently decided to put their upcoming films on HBO Max and in theaters. Many theater companies have been put at risk of bankruptcy due to the inability to stay open and serve food. Knowing that these movie production companies are able to easily put their highly anticipated films on streaming platforms has worried some theater companies. I personally enjoy being able to stay at home and watch a highly anticipated movie that would otherwise be in theatres. Movies at home are considerably cheaper when accounting for streaming cost and the ability for a free trial. But does this new way of entertainment mean the end of movie theaters? If we can enjoy new movies all from the comfort of our home for a cheaper cost will streaming be the new way of all entertainment?

Honestly, I don’t think so. While streaming has become a big phenomenon among most entertainment media, the magic of movie theaters will never end. Most of us miss the smell of fresh popcorn, big screens, and the overpriced candy. I think streaming will continue to still be huge but the second movie theaters open back up safely, they will be the first place everyone rushes to. So for now, I’ll watch new movies at home and use this time to enjoy cheaper and safer entertainment.