Performing arts plans for 2021

Performing arts plans for 2021

As of right now, we don’t know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure; The Sam Barlow performing arts classes will do their best to bring you amazing performances in these trying times. The theatre, choir, and band directors have been working hard to find ways for students to perform safely in the upcoming months.


This year, Sam Barlow’s theatre group plans to bring you their musical rendition of The Addams Family. When asked if there was a clear set-in-stone plan, Jeff Schroeder, the school’s theatre director, responded with, “We are waiting to hear about our options for rehearsals and performances.” 

Currently, there are two options, “Limited Person Instruction,” which allows students to rehearse in person with a small cohort of students and adults. Everyone would be required to wear masks, and remain 6-feet apart at all times. The performance would be livestreamed to the audience. The second option would be an all virtual performance. Everything would be pre-recorded ahead of time, edited together, and streamed to the audience. The performances will be May 6-9 at 7:30pm, and can be found through an online streaming service called Booktix. 


The Sam Barlow choir has virtual performances each quad, in collaboration with the Band department. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming solo competition which will allow students to be selected for the OSAA State Solo Contest in the Spring. If you’re wondering if there is still going to be an end of the year final concert, don’t fret! “Although it will look different, I always look forward to our final concert. We were able to uphold most of our concert and end-of-year traditions last spring, despite challenges. This year will be no different, as we honor seniors and other members for their outstanding work in the choir department,” says Amber Schroeder, Sam Barlow’s choir director. 


The Sam Barlow band is also producing virtual concerts at the end of each quad. Students submit a recording where they play along to a piece that they listen to in their headphones. Paul Nickolas, the school’s band director, then takes them and stacks them together to create a virtual ensemble. There is always a virtual performance at the end of each quad, and they also did a performance in December for their winter concert. “I would love for all students of Sam Barlow to attend and watch those, all they’d have to do is keep an eye out in the morning announcements for those,” says Nickolas. If you’re interested in watching one of these performances, just look out for those links! 


We can’t even begin to imagine how much hard work, effort, and time our performing arts directors and students are putting into these pieces. So please, show your support by being a part of the virtual audience, and remember, always show your Bruin pride!