Online Dance


April Anderson

The dance team practices on Google Meets.

Leila Capps, Social Media Editor and Photo Editor

Sports have been drastically different than ever before, but so many have adapted to the changes as dance has done this year with incoming freshmen joining dance for the first time, and seniors on their last year. All have done a great job to stay motivated and devoted to Barlow’s dance team. Freshman Mackenzie Delwsich, on her first year as part of the dance team, explains how she expected it to be challenging and hard considering it would be online. Although Delswich was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome of the other dancers and coaches, “I don’t know them well and haven’t met a lot of them but even through online classes you can really feel how welcoming, and accepting everyone is. Not only that they are excited for you to be on the team. It can be hard to stay motivated to participate in dance. And the people on the team keep me motivated.” Delswich goes on to emphasize the tremendous job the coaches have been carrying out. Not only keeping all the students on the same page but making sure the dancers thoroughly understand the routines and exercises. As challenging as online school and dance is, Delswich stays positive and hopeful knowing Covid won’t be forever, “I have to remind myself I am lucky enough to be healthy right now and things will go back to normal soon. Not only being away from people is a big change but just changing your mindset. We are all going through it right now and it’s only temporary so stay positive. Check-in on your friends when you can.” By keeping a positive mindset and focussing on the good things in life, we can all get through this together. There can be a disconnect between students, teachers, and coaches while participating in online classes/practices. Although Barlow’s dancers and coaches manage to stay connected and fluid with each other, the dance team is a fantastic example of team bonding and sticking together as a community, demonstrated through ¨talk times” where the dancers play games and discuss how their week is going.

The dance team practices virtually. (April Anderson)

Coach and teacher Mrs. Anderson, expresses the changes that have taken place, “Our tryouts were completely virtual so dancers submitted an audition video. We typically have two competition seasons; one in the fall and one in the winter.  We will only have one season this year. Our season will last longer than usual (which is a great thing!!) Competitions will also look different in that we will not be able to gather with other teams so it will probably be through video submission.” With all the changes have also come good. Mrs. Anderson explains how the dance team has helped her get through 2020, “It has been one thing that has been consistent. Even though we have virtual practices we are still meeting weekly and still have a routine that we follow. Also, the support system that the dance team is for each other is amazing. We have a lot of fun together and it has been good to laugh with them.” 

The dance team enjoys their time together from a distance. (April Anderson)

As for Senior and one of the captains of the dance team, Brittany Austin, who has worked so hard and has put endless amounts of effort into the sport she loves, shares how grateful for the amount of normalcy through all the chaos, “We still have our normal practice layout, and everyone’s being super flexible. I’ve even taught a routine myself with my fellow captains.” After four years of dedication to the dance team, Austin finally got to become a captain and hold some more responsibilities. Austin goes on to share her gratefulness to being captain,  “I love being a captain, I’ve looked forward to being a captain since freshman year. I am excited about being able to lead my team. I’m grateful that I have the chance to be a part of something big. I don’t think anything about it is my least favorite, but it would be nice to get back to normal, longer, in-person practices.” Which goes to say that even through change and what seem to be very chaotic times, you can still find normalcy and joy in the things that we love. Whether that may be through sports, teaching, or simply sharing how your week is going to another.