“A Curse So Dark and Lonely” Book Review


Cristina Martinez

“A Curse So Dark and Lonely” Book

Cristina Martinez, Junior Staff Writer

The book is a love story between two people who have never met before she got kidnapped, but will she be able to break the curse or not? I loved the book “A Curse So Dark And Lonely” because it has a very interesting and unexpected ending. The relationship between Rhen and Harper, how the story is like Beauty and the Beast, and the scene of the story is what made this story fantastic.

The title of the book is “A Curse So Dark and Lonely”by Brigid Kemmerer, published January 29, 2019. That there are two main characters Rhen, a prince from another land, and Harper, a girl from Washington D.C. Their relationship is kinda weird: they meet when she gets kidnapped by Rhen’s guard. She isn’t like other girls who get swayed by fancy things and Rhen learns that Harper isn’t like that very quickly. As their relationship develops, Rhen learns how to be a good ruler.

The book is related to the movie Beauty and the Beast” because of the plot of the story and the characters that are very similar to each other. Rhen is a prince and he turns into a beast during certain times of the month. Harper is like Belle because they both are captured and unable to leave, but in Harper’s case, she gets kidnapped and is trying to leave and she has no clue about him being a beast unlike Belle who knows the beast. In both stories, only true love can break the curse. Though Rhen and the Beast from Disney have different curses on them, both turn into monsters and Rhen is in a time loop of his 18th birthday.

The scenes and setting of the story is interesting because it starts in the modern world in Washington D.C., because she is trying to save a stranger then gets through a magical world. That magical world is very different, no technology and they are surrounded by a forest, village and a neighboring kingdom. 

In conclusion, I loved the book because it had adventure, a love story, and that it’s related to a movie. I would recommend it to people who like adventure and love stories. I rate this book a 8/10 because it had many twists and turns in the book and it kept me entertained.