How do sports impact our mental health?

Ava Helbig, Junior Staff Writer

Sports can have a large impact on our mental health, in many ways. In a pandemic with kids and teenagers unable to play, many kids are struggling with their mental health. But why does this happen? Why do sports play such a big role in our mental health? 

One thing being active can do for your mental health is reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. When you play sports you are easily distracted from negative thoughts, which can improve and prevent anxiety and depression. On top of that, sports can also boost your mood, which can reduce the negative thoughts going through your head when you’re not playing sports. When you’re active your brain releases chemicals that make you happier, and more relaxed, the opposite of being anxious and depressed. Another thing sports does for us is improve our sleep. This also comes from the fact that it reduces anxiety, which can keep us from sleep, and that we feel more relaxed, which can improve our sleep. When you do a physical activity your body is tired, and that in itself can increase your amount, and quality of sleep.

Some other things that sports can do for you is sharpen your mind, as well as boost your confidence. This can help kids social life, and happiness levels as well. Lastly, sports can help kids feel like they belong. If kids play a team sport they can meet friends and have social interaction, which can decrease depression. 

Sports have a huge impact on teens and kids. It increases kids happiness and ability to relax, and decreases their stress levels, anxiety, and depression.