COVID-safe trip: The Wildlife Safari

The Wildlife Safari

Alexis Shelton

The entryway to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon on August 10, 2019.

Alexis Shelton, Junior Staff Writer

Some people may desire new ideas of small trips and vacations they can take. If so, the Wildlife Safari is a great place to visit. I think it’s a particularly fascinating place that more people should know about.

The Wildlife Safari is a drive-through animal park located in Winston, Oregon. It has the same concept as a zoo, however, most of the animals are free to roam. When I asked my cousin (who wishes to remain anonymous) what his favorite part about visiting was, he said, “I liked how most of the animals were roaming free.” There is something nice about seeing animals live in a large area. With over 600 acres of land, they have numerous rare and endangered breeds of animals in their care. Furthermore, they operate the most successful cheetah breeding program in America. This hopefully helps the species to grow and not go extinct.

The Wildlife Safari is a good place to visit because it is one of the few public parks that are entirely COVID safe. They didn’t need to make almost any adjustments for the pandemic. Since the point is to drive through the route instead of walking, people are separated and socially distanced inside their vehicles. It is also advised to keep your windows up and stay in your car at all times. “I think the Safari is one of the most COVID safe trips you can do right now,” my aunt, Heather Shelton stated. There is little to no direct contact with others unless you decide to continue into the Safari Village. If you choose to go in there, masks and social distancing are required.

When visiting the Safari, there is so much to learn about all the animals. The park is divided into different parts of the world such as Africa, Wetlands, Asia, and the Americas. This can teach visitors about where all of these animals live. There are also various signs around the park giving useful information about specific species and their habitats. Having experiences is a crucial part of learning new things. Therefore, seeing these animals in person can have people learning about the animals without even realizing it.

Another reason why visiting the Safari should be considered, is because it’s fun! Doing something fun can offer joyous memories. Fun activities can often cause people’s days to feel different and exciting. “I would recommend this animal park to other people,” my cousin said. “I had a fun time.” While other places can be fun such as a zoo or aquarium, this is quite a different experience worth everyone’s time. Once finished with the initial drive-through, you can proceed into Safari Village, as mentioned before. Some entertaining things they offer there are the gift shop, a petting zoo, the village train station, and more.

From what I have heard so far, the opinions of this park have all been positive. The animals are treated well and have enough space to live a good and healthy life. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but I believe it’s still a place worth visiting.