Ending Period Poverty

“The inability to access menstrual hygiene products, which sparked a movement calling for free and accessible pads and tampons in schools and public places.” (Ka Leo)

Do you think period products should be free? In my opinion, I think that sanitary products should be. The main reason I think it should be free is because we don’t choose to have periods. Also, sanitary products cost so much money and women would save a lot of money by not having to pay for period products.


All though there are other options for a period, it does still cost money. Some people have really bad periods where they don’t only have to just pay for pads or tampons. They also have to pay for ibuprofen or any other medicine that works for them.  They are also other options like diva cups and period underwear that cost a lot of money at first but you can reuse them. According to Divacupreview.com, “My love for the Diva Cup means it’s time to review exactly how I’ve handled my period for more than a decade—most of which I spent traveling the world”.


According to digitalhub.com, “Results revealed the average woman surveyed spends $13.25 a month on menstrual products ‒ that’s $6,360 in an average woman’s reproductive lifetime.” Also according to digitalhub.com, “Forty-six percent have skipped a class because of menstruation, while 45 percent have canceled a date or left work early.” Women would have a lot of money saved for other things. Many females have skipped out on social gatherings and educational opportunities because of their periods. Homeless people have a hard time paying for sanitary products and not having to pay for period products would help them out in the long-run.


I interviewed my mother and she says she definitely agrees that women products should be free. “It is something we cannot control, therefore it should be free. We didn’t wake up one day and choose to have a period. It’s something we have to deal with monthly.” If women had a choice, we would all obviously choose not to have one.


In conclusion, we believe that women sanitary products should be free. Sometimes females cannot even afford these items and it’s so devastating. Yes, a lot of people may disagree with our opinion but maybe after reading the research behind this issue, you too will agree that this is a must.