Ancient and modern art: Defining the Times

Throughout history, art has always evolved and changed to fit specific times and societies. We can make guesses about certain times in the world’s history by looking at the artwork created during that time. One of Van Gogh’s first series of artwork was showing the peasants’ hands. The humanity shown in the meaning behind these pieces reflects the time period Van Gogh was living in. When it comes to modern artwork, the meaning we usually look for is absent. Modern artwork doesn’t seem to have a meaning, and if it does, it’s almost like the artist is trying to hide the meaning behind useless metaphors. Ancient artwork is better at telling stories than modern artwork.

Modern artwork is extremely hard to define or put boundaries on. Since there isn’t a certain style that artists have to stick with, modern art can really be anything. “It’s mostly seen as a bunch of abstract shapes that involve a lot of squares and monochrome color pallets. But I think that art of any form made recently could be considered modern art since it’s so random,” Megan Welch, a former art student, says. There is definitely a unique and interesting aesthetic of modern art, but is it being different enough to make it an objective “good” piece of art?

Ancient artwork is much easier to look at and define. There is a clear reason behind the making of the piece, and with just a glance you have an idea behind that meaning. “Ancient is old, modern is new. Both in their perspective and storytelling techniques.The way people were far more straightforward a few centuries ago, and how not we focus more indifferent people’s perspectives,” Chloe Walter, a current art student, comments.

Cultural changes can result in a change in art styles. Over the last few centuries, we have taken great strides in human rights and freedom, and the freedom of making your own choices has resulted in some of these artwork changes. “This has affected society in a very positive way, as many people are finding acceptance in who they are, and being able to use art in a free, unrestricted way can be very healing and enjoyable,” Megan Welch comments. Art has been changed from a work of labor to an activity that can induce happiness and enlightenment and can bring people together.

While answering the question of which form of artwork is better at telling stories ancient artwork would be a better answer. When it comes to artwork as a whole, the freedom that comes with making pieces will never be taken away. People will always use artwork to tell stories of the times they live in.