A latte brew-tiful coffee facts


Grace Dumitrescu

Coffee beans at Bay View Farm.

Grace Dumitrescu, Junior Staff Writer

Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee is one of my places to buy coffee beans. Here are some facts about this amazing drink! Kona Coffee is grown in the mountains of the big island, Hawaii. It is proven a stronger brew and better taste than Southern American coffee due to its high elevation and rainforest weather, and what makes it so unique is the minerals from the lava rocks. Ash from the volcano is used in the soil and small pieces of lava rocks are added in as well. Kona Coffee has been said to improve memory, prevent diabetes, cavities, asthma, and many more. This flavorful coffee also helps with curbing your appetite & improves your athletic performance. Adding to that, it tastes really good! In order for Kona Coffee to be labeled as Kona Coffee it must contain at least 10% original beans. A lot of companies are in trouble for marking their coffee with the wrong percentage. This is due to the fact that Kona Coffee is so expensive, the companies want their money so they mark it more than it actually is, so make sure to get the correct kind when you are buying Kona Coffee. A few of my favorite places to buy true Kona Coffee are listed down below.

  • Bay View Farms

    Beautiful view from Bay View Farm. (Grace Dumitrescu)
  • Greenwell Farms
  • Kona Mountain Coffee

All of these farms I have visited have reasonable prices, and very good coffee. 



In the Webster’s New World Dictionary, the term espresso is defined as “coffee prepared in a special machine from finely ground coffee beans, through which steam under high pressure is forced. This method takes 18-25 seconds, giving way to the meaning express or fast. A straight shot of espresso measures between 1 to ¾  ounces and is topped with a deep golden crema. A straight shot of espresso should be poured/brewed directly into the serving cup”

Espresso is a science. I love how you have to be so precise with it, and can make so many different drinks with it. Kona Espresso makes drinks so much better with its unique taste. Add in coconut milk or flavoring, and you have Hawaii vibes in a cup. 

Make sure when making a drink with espresso, to put it in your drink as soon as possible. Espresso can lose its flavor within minutes of being brewed. Always use the freshest beans for a good drink. Beans that are not fresh will provide a bitter taste. 


Peaberry Bean

The Peaberry bean is also grown in Hawaii, which probably makes it so delicious. If the word peaberry makes you think of something that should be used to make a vegetable soup or casserole, rest assured it is, in fact, coffee and not a small green vegetable or pie filling. When it comes to coffee, the word peaberry describes the coffee bean itself, not the origin or variety. It is also known as caracol. Peaberry coffee is a naturally occurring mutation present in arabica and robusta coffee varieties where only one bean is present inside of the coffee cherry instead of two. Peaberries occur in coffee varieties and growing regions worldwide, including Hawaii’s growing regions and coffee farms from Kona to Kauai. How are Peaberry Beans different from other coffee beans? Two flat coffee seeds are formed inside in most coffee cherries and covered by yet another thin membrane called silver skin. In a peaberry coffee cherry, one seed fails to grow, and one, round seed is formed instead. It’s not well known why this natural mutation occurs in 5-10% of harvested coffee cherries, but some theories suggest that environmental conditions or insufficient pollination could be contributing factors. Peaberry beans are very expensive because of their rarity. Like I said above, 5-10% of harvested coffee cherries are peaberry beans. Peaberry beans tend to be 7-10 dollars per pound.