Yearbook cover

Coen Neiwert, Assistant Editor and Social Media Editor

Barlow is full of many creative and artistic minds that make our school such a great place. This year, Senior, Alexa Oxenrider has been asked to design and create the cover for the 2020-2021 school yearbook. 

Oxenrider drew inspiration for the cover by combining two things that many people at Barlow have a connection to, “My inspiration came from our Bruin bear but I saw that all past paintings and covers usually just have a bear. I wanted to do something different so I included Mt. Hood and a bear because it brings two things together I think Barlow really likes.” 

 So far, the painting process has been good for Oxenrider. She says that the hardest part so far has been, “getting the thing started and the color theory behind it. I had a whole different look for it and I started on that but it wasn’t working out so I did what I have now and stayed up one night to make sure I had almost everything completed.”

Oxenrider says the painting has taken around 15+ hours to complete and started it back in February, “I had an extremely slow start and a busy life doesn’t do well with big paintings.” 

This year’s yearbook cover will truly stand out with Oxenrider’s extraordinary artistic talent. We can’t wait for you all to see this year’s yearbook cover and thank Alexa Oxenrider for doing such an amazing job.