Hybrid, mask, social distancing, oh my!


Adina Kiriac

Students participating in Hybrid are enjoying being in Barlow

Jeb Guilleux, Staff Writer

This year has been different to say the least. Everyone knows it, from freshman to seniors, janitorial staff to our principal, and with every change comes opinion.

3 freshmen, Travis Reid, Abigail Woodward, and Ashley Miller, all responded with a general like and enjoyment for the Hybrid system. Woodward specifically said, “I like being able to be with other kids and the teacher and to be walking in school and in the actual classroom, but it’s not a lot of school hours.”

When discussing if they signed up for Hybrid personally or not, I got answers from the whole spectrum of expected answers. One personally, was influenced by themselves and their parents, while one was signed up by their parents, and all but one was positively happy to be in the Hybrid classes after a few weeks of impressions settling in.

Talking about schedules was no different. Everyone had a different opinion on how they liked the current schedule. Woodward said, “I wish that we could have a full day with all of our classes for the full hour, but I’m glad they offered this opportunity. Especially for me as a freshman, so I can slowly get introduced to how high school works.” Woodward the classes were too fast while Miller said she wished she would have full days. Generally you can feel the longing for regular classes in all answers though.

 Quickly mentioning a few things some students have noticed about other students, the majority have noticed that social activities, like talking with other students, have reduced. In my opinion, people are less comfortable talking because of the whole mask and six feet apart rule, and because of the long online school stint, people aren’t ready to be social.

Teachers, all the students say you are doing good, “I think teachers are doing as good of a job as they can with how hard it is right now,” Reid said. A hard job it is, having to handle multiple classes over the same day, both online and in-person. A personal note: Teachers, thank you for teaching during this trying time, and also managing homework, grades, curriculum, all the stuff that comes with the job.

I asked the three students if they had any ideas on how Hybrid learning could improve, and they did respond with a couple of ideas. Idea one was suggested by Miller, “I think that the teachers should also run a google meet during the second half of the day for the students at home. I know most of my teachers don’t, but I think it’s best when students not only in person but at home as well get the same education.” Idea two was suggested by Reid, “Instead of doing online at all, have A or B group come the first half of the day and have the other group come the second half so both groups go everyday just not together.” Woodward responded that the district was doing its best. 

Lastly, Miller said this about Hybrid, “I think all kids should participate in Hybrid, or at least give it a try. It’s not like how school used to be, but it’s what we have for right now and we need to make the most of it. I know for me personally going to school in person rather than online has so far made a really positive impact on my grades.” Students who haven’t been able to experience physical classes should probably do hybrid classes, like most of the freshman class. Remember, the freshmen are the new faces in our school, give them a hand if they need one, because this year has been pretty hard on them, adjusting to the high school ecosystem, and all the work classes come with.