Senior at-home Proms


Reana Maroon

Reana Maroon and her friends at their home prom

Leila Capps, Social Media Editor and Photo Editor

For many seniors, we lost our junior and senior events. We lost sports, sporting events, dances, clubs, and many more activities due to Covid. A handful of seniors chose to do their own thing and create personal proms at home. I in fact held an at-home prom my junior year for my senior friends, and again for my own senior year.

Pemberton’s friends pose for a goofy picture

Sammie Pemberton and some other seniors held their own prom in her family shop. Parents and seniors came together to make one big prom group Such as Matthew Jeffris, Gabe Pemberton was excited to have all her friends in one place and host this dance, although she was sad she couldn’t invite everyone due to limited space. However Pemberton explains her pro experience as ̈one of the best dances I have ever been to. It truly made my senior year and a memory that will last a lifetime. ̈ What made the whole night special to Pemberton and all her friends, was the fact that there were no restrictions and everything could be normal for one night. The difference between school dances and at-home proms, you are surrounded by the people you love, where everyone can feel included and comfortable. To Pemberton, ̈it wasn’t like most school proms when you only dance with your date if you bring one. Everyone danced together and had a good time. ̈ The night alone in Pemberton’s family shop was special enough, they also took a limo to dinner.

Rihanna Maroon also at- tended Pemberton’s prom. Where she could be with all her friends, ̈my friends being there my favorite thing was the free country coffee. We took pics and danced like a traditional prom” With some normalcy and freedom to act as you are, without the pressure of a regular school dance.

Emma Evi attended an at-home prom with a large group of friends. Evi decided to attend this prom to pro- mote some normalcy through the past year. Evi was thankful for the at home prom due to the people she went with, she didn’t have to worry about school cliques, and it was her last prom. Evi felt at ease and had the chance to simply hangout with her close friends. Something
that made the night more unique other than the limo and coffee stand, was the professional pictures that the seniors got.

Morales-Coonrad Prom Group (Donovan Morales-Coonrad)

Donovan Morales-Coonrad had a mini reunion with his friends that have known each other since middle school. One last get together before they all split for college. Donoan and his friends rented a limo and drove around Portland and took pictures at Mcmenamins Edgefield. Morales-Coon- rad’s favorite part of prom was the tacos that they had catered for us. ̈ Good food always makes the experience more enjoyable.

At home proms were a chance for everyone to just relax and have fun. In the safety and comfort of their own homes. Seniors got the opportunity to have their closest friends around them, and have a bit more of a personal night to themselves.