Senior’s advice for next years Freshmen


Coen Neiwert

The road map of your high school journey

Sydney Snyder and friends. (Sydney Snyder)

Sydney Snyder- “Surround yourself with people who push you to your full potential, make you feel good about yourself and want you to succeed. I’d also say not to worry about what other students think of you because ten years from now their opinion won’t matter.”

Mary Taylor- “Stop stressing. You’re going to figure it out and worrying about everything won’t help you out.”

Haylee Rogers is holding on to friends. (Haylee Rogers)

Haylee Rogers- “Regardless of the obstacles you face, or the roadblocks that plant themselves in your way, continue to persevere and strive to do your best. You’ve started out strong so you might as well finish strong too.”

Emma Loconti looks forward to the future (Emma Loconti)

Emma Loconti- “Always be yourself to people no matter what.”

Brittany Austin and Leila Capps are ready for their future (Brittany Austin)

Brittany Austin- “I would tell myself to not slack off and remember that freshman year really does impact the rest of your high school experience. I would make sure to encourage myself more because I was capable of more than I thought I was.”

Dennis Pivovarov is prepared for this bright future (Dennis Pivovarov)

Dennis Pivovarov- “I would tell myself to look into more scholarships and volunteering opportunities. Other than that just to find and prepare for the Early College Program.”

Madelynn Riordan- “It’s okay to not be a people pleaser 24/7 just to have friends, it’s better to be 100% alone than with friends that only sorta want you there. The right friends will come sooner than later.”

Kensie Collier is ready to say “peace out” to high school (Kensie Collier)

Kensie Collier- “Don’t care so much about what other people are doing or thinking. Don’t be shy, and boys aren’t really worth it throughout all of high school.”