Freshmen dreams become senior reality


Genevieve Christian

Christian is looking forward to higher education

Leila Capps, Social Media Editor

As an 8th grader becoming a freshman and starting high school, you think the four long years of high school would go by slowly. All we could dream of was moving out and going on to college and being able to do “adult things”. Looking back as a senior, high school definitely flew by within a blink of an eye. We all had our dreams and aspirations as children of becoming doctors, scientists, or simply becoming famous. For some of us, those dreams are beginning to become reality. And growing up, adulthood is here at our heels.

Genevieve Christian plans on attending PCC for their dental hygiene program. In hopes of becoming a pediatric dental hygienist. Christian knows the dentist can be a scary place for kids and wants to show that it doesn’t have to be for these kids. Although becoming a dental hygienist wasn’t always the plan, “When I was a freshman I thought the job I wanted was to be a pediatrician. Then I realized how much college that would take, and how much money it would cost… I quickly tried to think of something similar, but still something I would love. I changed my mind so many times along the way, (and might change it again).” Christian goes on to explain she went through the idea of becoming a cop, fashion designer, and teacher. Christian quickly realized she belongs in the city where she can enjoy her 20 ́s, make money, then get married and have a few kids. As a job that requires a lot of schooling and money would only hold her back. As a child Christian wanted to become a rockstar, “Every single day I would dress up as a little punk rocker. I was obsessed with music and rock bands. I basically want- ed to be a singer for a rock band or Hannah Montana. I wish I could do that to this day!” Christian’s dreams of becoming a rockstar may not come true but her aspirations of success through dental hygienists are looking like a reality.

Amanda Myrhow expected to have her life planned out and to have a “life goal”, she may not have her whole life planned out but she does in fact have a goal in her life. Myrhow plans to take a gap year to be a missionary to Lausanne Switzerland. Then attend Mt.Hood to get the prerequisites out of the way, and then transfer to PSU to become a criminal psychologist. As a freshman, “I wanted to be a Special Ed teacher but now I want to go into psychology. My dream job was as a vet as a child.” Although Myrhow may not be treating animals but instead taking care of people in need.