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Sassy Men epidemic

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The sassy men epidemic, also called the sassy men apocalypse or the sassy mandemic, refers to the growth of sassy, flamboyant, and historically feminine traits in men. In some ways, this is a step in the right direction. Men are moving on from traditional values concerning gender roles and recognizing the importance of expressing their feelings. 

The sassy men epidemic allows men to be more comfortable acting in ways that do not adhere to traditional values, such as being the sole breadwinner and not expressing their negative emotions. They can act in a more feminine, sassy manner without being afraid that people will think they are gay, because society has stereotyped these traits as gay. It can be amusing and refreshing for men to not be the stereotypical, traditional man that doesn’t show any real emotion. 

On the other hand, not all aspects of the sassy men apocalypse are positive. Some men see this development as an excuse to act very irritable and give an excessive amount of attitude for no apparent reason, like when a man side eyes you and you have done nothing wrong. Many men also focus so much on their own feelings that they are blind to the feelings of everyone else. Some men expect a sort of princess treatment, but fail to realize that you have to earn this type of treatment by treating others in a similar manner.

A more uncommon issue is when some men interpret the idea that men don’t have to be the sole breadwinner as an excuse to be financially dependent on women. In a relationship, or in any situation, people should be able to stay financially independent. The tradition of men paying for women comes from women being forced to rely on men financially. Historically, men have had the ability to support themselves financially. It is okay to split financial responsibilities a little unevenly, but no one should take advantage of the generosity of someone else. 

A prime example of a sassy man is Ken from the Barbie movie released on July 21, 2023. His slogan “I am kenough” reflects the awakening that Ken had when he visited the real world. He realized that the Kens have more worth than they are given credit for, and they don’t have to stay in their assigned roles. However, he goes about this revelation the wrong way. He leads the Kens to take over Barbie Land and put the Barbies in the roles that the Kens had. He wanted Barbie to recognize his feelings, but by taking over Barbieland, he ignores Barbie’s feelings and defeats his own purpose. Ken’s character is a very accurate representation of many men in reality. They want their own feelings recognized, and they want people to be more sensitive and caring towards them, but they are ignoring the feelings of others and don’t show the same sensitivity. 

No one should feel uncomfortable being themselves, and society should not force stereotypes on anyone. However, it is equally important to remember that everyone else has feelings too, and you shouldn’t disregard them. It all comes down to the basic principle we were all taught as children of treating others how you want to be treated, and respecting the feelings of others.

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