Senior Quotes


Jeff Schroeder

The Cast of Newsies under the seniors sign

  1. “Go to all the school activities and just really live your life and enjoy it!” – Deiana Gutwig.


  1. “Try new things and go out of your comfort zone because you never know when you won’t have the chance to anymore.” – Sophie Putnam.


  1. “Don’t lose yourself worrying about the future; trust the Lord and know he has a plan for you.” – Elijah Golden.


  1. “Don’t let school work stress you out; teachers are there for a reason, and be involved. Go to games and dances because you’re going to miss it when it’s over.” – Macie Blaire.


  1. “You have to create your own path; other people don’t do it for you.” – Carter Fox


  1. “Stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks.” Trinity Bowman


  1. “Attend as many school events as you can because you may regret it later in life.” – Evan White.


  1. “Be kind to the teachers and make friends with them, and you will succeed, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.” – Bryce Ellis.


  1. “Play a sport; it doesn’t have to be a common one, have a solid friend group, and stay out of trouble.” – Jackson Knifong. 


  1. “Just enjoy it all while you can because it goes by really fast.” – Kaitlyn Moldovan.


  1. “High school is full of so many opportunities, and you need to take as many as you can. Don’t let school take over your life, and don’t let it be your only priority. You can get good grades and still enjoy the things you love.” – Haley McKennon.


  1. “My biggest piece of advice is for people to pursue their passion. I don’t think anyone should have to settle for something because they are worried it won’t work out. Of course, being realistic is nice, but if you know what you can do, then do it.” – Peyton Hull.


  1. “As I leave Barlow, the best advice is to enjoy it and take risks. I know everyone says this, but the best memories are made with your friends by participating in sports and activities. Specifically, go get that coffee during lunch or go to prom even if you’re unsure.” 


  1. “Don’t procrastinate – starting tomorrow.” – Tyson Roupp.


  1. “Get involved in high school. Do a sport, join a club, and go to as many sports games as possible. It is enjoyable, and there’s nothing like cheering on Barlow in the student section. Also, go to class and keep on top of your work; it’s important.” – Katelin Rasmussen.


  1. “Do any sport or activity you can; you’ll meet some of the best people there.” – Ethan Hendrix.


  1. “Live it up. The four years go by a lot faster than you’d think.” – Kamden Doering.


  1. “Try activities from different categories like sports, volunteering, performing arts, yearbook or journalism, or leadership. It’s the best way to make lots of friend groups and quickly make the years go by. Being involved in a lot of activities also helps you get college scholarships. Don’t just focus on one thing; try new things and decide what you like. Don’t base your extracurriculars on what people think is ‘cool’ or ‘lame.’ Do what makes you happy and what you’re good at.” – Alina Estrada.


  1. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and take risks.” – Yamato Uptegrove.


  1. “High school is the time to do as much as you want. When you look back in several years and think about your time in high school, you don’t remember the grades or scores you received; you remember the things that made your experience fun. Don’t spend your high school career doing the bare minimum. Find your passion, and do everything you can to achieve it, no matter what anyone else tells you.” – Andrew Schroeder.


  1. “Live it, and cherish all the moments because everyone says it goes by so fast, but you blink, and you’re graduating.” Kalyn Russos.


  1. “Get involved. Staying after school is one of the best uses of your time.” – Barlow GSA.


  1. “Never take anything for granted; enjoy the moments because you never know what will happen.” – Ethan Lavin.


  1. “Spend all four years to the full potential, and don’t take it for granted.” – Mason Bratcher.


  1. “Enjoy high school while it lasts and make the most of every opportunity.” – Ethan Jones.


  1. “People don’t care as much as you think about what you’re doing because they’re focusing on themselves, so might as well do what you want to do and not care what others think.” – Biz Springer. 


  1. “Graduating is like I’m walking out of a movie theater that the next class is about to enter. The credits just rolled and I know what happens both the good and the bad. Like a really good movie, high school fly’s. So I’d urge the next class to truly embrace every moment of high school, because before you know it, it’s over.” – Eli Leadham.