Wife Guy Turned Bye Guy


Ned Fulmer has been fired from the Try Guys

Jeslyn Acred, Staff Writer

What happens when the supposed “wife guy” of the internet is caught in the middle of a cheating scandal? On September 26th, Twitter rumors sparked that Ned Fulmer, former member of the Try Guys, was seen cozying up to a woman at a bar in New York. 

“Try Guys” is a Youtube channel where they “try” a variety of things; including their “Without a Recipe” series. Throughout their start at Buzzfeed and the creation of their own company, Ned Fulmer has always been the “wife guy”. He would go on and on about how much he loved wife to the point where it just became his entire personality. 

That all came crashing down over Labor Day weekend when Ned Fulmer and an employee of the Try Guys company, Alexandria Herring, were found participating in an explicit activity in a bar by NYU. It then was revealed that this affair had been going on for months. 

Of course, the internet went crazy over all of this coming out. The scandal went viral and became the most trending search on almost every social media platform. Many people were taking the side of Ned Fulmer’s wife, Ariel. They all were supporting her through and through. Hoping that she was okay and wishing her and their children well. 

Ned and Ariel both made a public announcement wishing for privacy and that they are trying to work through this as a family. With the affair being a “consensual workplace relationship” as stated by Ned Fulmer; the rest of the Try Guys came out with a “What Happened” video explaining from their point of view what happened. They talked about how what happened wasn’t okay and that they are trying to build back their company to what they wanted it to be. 

After this video was published, a few days later SNL made a skit about the situation which had very mixed reviews. Many people came after SNL for using the skit to make fun of the video. There has also been speculation that one of Ned’s friends from college that works for SNL had a part in making the skit to smear the remaining members of the group. Apparently making your entire online persona into loving your wife kind of backfires when you decide to have an affair with an employee.