Gresham Face Eater



An elderly man had a portion of his face chewed off.

Mia Fiedler, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, January 3rd, a 78-year-old Gary Krussow was attacked in Gresham at the Cleveland Ave MAX stop. The attack happened on Tuesday morning around 2 am, according to OregonLive, and ended with the victim’s face and ear being bitten off so severely that his skull was showing, according to first responders at the scene.

When police arrived on the scene of the crime, the assailant, 25-year-old Koryn Kraemer had to be pried off of the victim, as he was still attacking Krussow. Kraemer was arrested on an accusation of assault in the second degree and was identified through fingerprints as well as banned from TriMet for life. When asked what his name was, he answered with the fake name “El Baker.”

Investigators for the case determined that drugs played a role in the attack. Kraemer allegedly used fentanyl pills and drank alcohol prior to the attack according to a local ABC affiliate. Also according to an insider, he used bath salts as well. 

Regardless of whether the attack was fueled by drugs or mental issues, Kraemer pleaded not guilty. This is not his first arrest according to KPTV. He was being held without bail and “was given a preliminary diagnosis of schizophrenia and treated with medication while in jail.” (Willamette Week) Following his diagnosis, it has been established that Kraemer is mentally unfit to stand trial and was “sent to Oregon State Hospital to be treated for mental illness.” (Willamette Week)

As for why this attack happened, in an interview, Kraemer said that he believed that the victim was a robot trying to kill him based on how the 78-year-old smelled. He also said that he spit out the flesh he chewed off and claimed the police saved him by separating him from “the robot.” 

Krussow was allegedly staying at the MAX station after being evicted from his home after “serving prison time for sex crimes” according to KGW and dealing with substance addiction as well.

The victim was taken to a hospital where it was reported that he is in stable condition.