Prepare the popcorn: Oregon movie theaters are reopening


Adina Kiriac

Regal Stark Street Cinema can’t wait to open its doors again

Locally around the Portland metropolitan area, our beloved theaters range from Regal to Mt. Hood Theater and the Sandy Cinema. However, when faced with having to close last March, they all took different methods to staying open. 


Big franchises, like Regal Cinemas, had the opportunity to remain closed for over a year without any sort of fundraising or original ideas to earn profit. Ultimately, the franchises began to re-open in other states which allowed Regals, in highly mandated states, to keep closed with no repercussions. Luckily, as Oregon continues to lower it’s statistics of Covid cases and as the state slowly re-opens, Regal has announced they will open on May 21st, showcasing several movie titles such as, A Quiet Place Part 2, Spiral, Mortal Kombat, and a few others.


While other local, independent theaters were also forced to stay closed, they’ve managed to make it. Within the last couple of weeks, the Sandy Cinema reopened and is now showing similar movies like, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Profile, and  Tom and Jerry,. The theatre was fortunate enough to not be impacted too much from staying closed for a long period of time.

Mt. Hood theatre is making it through this pandemic and looks forward to welcome Gresham back soon (Kaelin Collar)

A sweet spot for most Gresham residents is the Mt. Hood Theater which has hosted many events for elementary schools, special showings, and other events. Although privately owned, being closed gave them an original idea to host daily “Drive Ups.” Essentially, raising money through given packages of merchandise, popcorn, candy, drinks, and more all supported by locals. As they are now open again and currently showing Wonder Woman 1984, it’s a question to all on whether or not they’ll keep offering the Drive up.


Although viewing movies from the touch of a screen is much simpler than going out, there’s a certain feeling of paying for overpriced food and beverages that really brings someone close to the heart. While movie theaters haven’t released new Covid-safe protocols, remember to be mindful when visiting for the safety of yourself, employees, and others.