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SBHS Racquetball succeeds at Nationals

Camryn Sobella, Staff Writer

Congratulations to Sam Barlow’s Racquetball team for making it to nationals this year! What a huge accomplishment. The squad took on St. Louis, Missouri, to compete at our school. Go Bruins! 


Junior team member, Katie Bain, says, “I finished fourth in the Number two singles gold Bracket and also finished fourth place in the Number two Mixed doubles Gold bracket.” Bain has made an impact on the team by winning two gold medals. It was an excellent experience for her and watching some of the best athletes in the nation. A Junior Ethan Flavell, says, “I finished fourth in red for singles, and I’m  so proud of myself and the team.” Flavell further mentions, “racquetball is a huge, happy place for me, and it’s something I enjoys doing. “ 


Drake Howard, a junior at Sam Barlow High School has played racquetball since 2016. His success is immeasurable. Howard is now a part of the All American team along with some of the best racquetball athletes in the nation. Howard explains, “as a team, we did very well, but there’s always room for improvement. 

Next year racquetball nationals will be held in Portland, Oregon.” Howard placed fourth for doubles and sixth in red for singles in the nation. Over the course of six days in Missouri, the team learned to bond. Brielle Fernando a memeber of the teams says, “The team grew closer both on and off the court”. 


Going to nationals is a huge accomplishment for Sam Barlow‘s racquetball team. While spending six days in Missouri, the team shopped, ate, and grew together as one. It’s safe to say that this team is stronger than ever. The team placed sixth overall in the nation! Woo hoo Bruins! Coach Brian Ancheta, says they had a great time and he couldn’t be more proud.  Another anonymous team member states, “there is always room for improvement, happy to be on the team with such great people.” 


So proud of our Bruins this weekend!