Are Pre-Season Workouts Beneficial?


Pre-season workouts for baseball, track, softball can be beneficial.

Vanessa Kelley, Staff Writer

Many sports start workouts and sometimes practices before the sport actually starts for the season. Why do some sports workouts and training start months before their season even comes around? And does it help at all?

Track is understandable to start early but they still start about 2-3 months before track season even starts. Although it seems a bit ridiculous that it starts very early, many people have seen their best results when training 2-4 months before the season starts. By training early for track, you could increase your speed and stamina. You can also continue building muscle to get you ahead for when track season does start. It also takes an average of two months for a track runner for whatever event you may take to fully get in shape and ready to start track. So yes, for track it is beneficial to start early pre-workouts.

Competitive cheerleading starts with try outs and once you are accepted, you train and practice months before a competition. By training early, they get their routine down to the point. They are able to do that by their pre-workouts and training days to get all the practice they need to be able to be ready to compete.

A lot of schools with basketball teams offer open-gym a lot of the time for anyone who might want to practice their basketball skills before tryouts and games. Some basketball players continue to practice year-round even though their basketball season has ended, or they might go to basketball camps to help them out more efficiently.

The question comes up again on whether or not pre season workouts are beneficial or not? After much consideration through some of the sports, and research, pre-season sports are very beneficial for athletes. Pre-season sports allows one to build a strong foundation and decrease the chances of any injury that may occur during the sport season. It also increases your playing rate from practice and workouts. If you are an athlete, pre-season workouts, and practices are a great choice.