Teacher Messages to Seniors



Teachers say goodbye to students.

Zoey McKnight, Staff Writer

“Good luck out there. The world is yours!” -Doug Grant (English Strategies and Learning Strategies)

“Be comfortable in yourself and follow your passions.” -Paul Nickolas (Band)

“Keep yourself young in heart and mind. Makes life easier. Stay METAL!” -Andrew Toth (Graphic Design)

“Continue to seek out experiences that put you in a safe uncomfortable zone. This is the only way to continue learning about yourself and growing both personally and professionally. To see the resilience in this group has been encouraging and personally helped me as a teacher on days where I also struggled. I will miss these rugrats differently than any preceding class. ALL of them.” -Anita Lamoureux (ITB, Marketing, Hospitality)

“You probably won’t remember anything about high school itself, but you certainly will remember the adventures you were a part of.” -Eric Pohl (WR121, WR122, AVID 10)

“Your class has been through the refiners fire. You were able to wade through the difficulties brought on my Covid 19 and come out on top! Your experiences in high school have helped pave the way to your graduation and the life choices that are ahead. Go with confidence and help to make the world a better place by your actions and your attitude. Congratulations!” -Charyl Adams (TMC Production Secretary)

“‘I’ll take with me, the memories, to be my sunshine after the rain.’ -Boyz II Men, It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

I am really struggling having to say goodbye to this particular senior class. Together, we have been through some of the most trying times but also created the most happy memories that I can think of in Barlow’s Choir history. Retreat, Hawaii, State Choir, Queen…what a blast. I hope you will come back and visit us for a concert, choir retreat or a Spring Sing in the future. I will miss you, Class of 2023. Keep singing!” -Amber Schroeder 

“Always keep a $2 bill on you (just in case) and a can of Beefaroni. You just never know.” -Chris Stewart (Pre-AP 10, English 3-4)

“No one will protect what they don’t care about and no one will care about what they have never experienced, so get out there and experience the natural beauty of this region and beyond! I’ve attended 6 different universities, but I’ve learned the most from traveling and teaching!

“My daddy told me, I believe he told me true- the right thing’s always the hardest thing to do.” – Jason Isbell” -Joe Orzali (Biology, Green Science, 7th grade science at WO)

“Value your friendships! Stay in touch after high school. It’s hard when everyone goes off in different ways, but by staying in touch you’ll always have people to support you and to share life with.” -Dan Dalzell (Athletic Director)

“You are literally the first generation of students who, in the entire history of earth, have transitioned from traditional in-person learning to 100% online, and then back to in-person! You have done what no one else, ever, has done! Well done class of 2023.” -Eric Strandberg (Economics, Government, AVID 12, World Studies)

“Seniors! Congratulations!! You’ve worked hard to get to this point and you should be proud of yourselves. As you go out into the world, I encourage you to write this next chapter of your lives with excitement, gratitude and wonder. Spread your wings – try new things. Take risks (calculated, intelligent ones!). Travel. Learn. Explore. Be proud of yourselves, work hard, and never settle for less than what your potential is. You’re going to do amazing things and I’m so proud of you!! :)” -Molly Ninneman (Counselor)

“4 years of High School completed. Congratulations! There’s decades ahead of you to live life fully. At this moment you may not know where you’re headed for sure… so Dream Big! Write your dreams down. Start by taking one step into one of your dreams. Life is filled with ‘one step’ choices that create opportunities, allowing dreams to be fulfilled. Find your people, who are living out successes, or you can admire their process. We often become like those who we spend the most time with.” -MariLou Holmes (SpEd EA)

“Be yourself! Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical human that you are. There is only 1 of you and the world needs what you bring to the table!” -Courtney Goss (ISS, Lunch Detention)

“Remember online school? That was… a thing that happened. Here’s what we can take away from it, in my humble opinion: apparently, we must be prepared for absolutely anything to happen. So, work on that. In all labor there is profit.” -Michael Nelson (English 1-2, English 3-4)

“Congratulations, you did it!! You are a high school graduate and no one can ever take that accomplishment away from you. Your path to this moment may have been easy or it may have been a challenge but after years of hard work, late nights, early mornings and obviously a world-wide pandemic it has led you to this moment. Enjoy it. When you walk into that coliseum stop and take a minute to soak it all in. Live in that moment, you deserve it. At the end of the day high-school is just a blip of who you are but however big or small I hope you have enjoyed your time at Sam Barlow. I hope you have made memories that will last you a lifetime. And as always don’t forget: Once A Bruin – Always A Bruin!!” -Brandie Seibel (Student Management Secretary, Varsity Cheer Coach)

“To the class of 2023, I want you all to know that I am so proud of you and will miss you dearly! You’ll all do wonderful things! I just know it.” -Lauren Duncan (AP Statistics, Integrated 2)

“You’re going to have adult responsibilities now, but don’t ever grow up. Keep the mindset of a kid and always seek to do the things you enjoy and continue to work as hard as you can for what you want.” -Amanda McLeod (Physical Science, AVID)

“Remember to always be kind, to remember to laugh and of course READ. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I followed many of you from elementary school and you have always brought me joy, happiness, and laughter.” -Gina Byrd Ferron (Library/Media)

“As C.S. Lewis said, “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” I wish you all the best in whatever is next in your life!” -Andrea Moffat (English 5-6, AP Language and Composition)

“You’ll never be 100% ready for anything- try anyway! Jump in with both feet and give it your best shot and you’ll be surprised how your abilities grow to meet the challenge. You can always adjust if things don’t go as planned, but some opportunities are once in a lifetime. Class of 2023- thank you to so many of you for leaving this school a better place than you found it. It was truly a privilege to get to know you and I know your impact on me will last a lifetime. Good luck and congratulations!” -Chef Sam Mann (Culinary Arts)

“You miss 100% of shots that you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott” -Casey Peters (Integrated 2, AIM 2-3)