Season of Giving


Salvation Army

Giving is a wonderful part of the holiday season.

Betty Fiedler, Staff Writer

The season of giving has begun. As holidays approach, people want to complete good deeds. There are many ways to donate and give back to the community during the Holiday months. A few of these are the Salvation Army Angel Trees, SnowCap, and Our Father’s House. 

1. Salvation Army Angel Trees:

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program allows less fortunate children to receive presents for Christmas. Each year hundreds of thousands of children around the country get Christmas gifts because of this program. The Salvation Army sets up Christmas trees at their thrift store locations. You can take a tag off the tree, and these tags have information about a person such as their age, shoe size, clothes size, and what they want for Christmas. You use this information to buy a gift for that person, then you bring the gift back to the Salvation Army. If you don’t have time to buy a gift, you can also just donate to the Salvation Army. These donations allow them to provide gifts to children who would otherwise not receive one. They also help provide food, shelter, and utility assistance to people year-round. 


2. SnowCap:

Another organization you can donate to during the holiday season is SnowCap. You can donate money through their Holiday Gift Guide 2022. It gives you different groups and items you can donate to such as food donations, help for elderly people, kids, clothing and hospitality, or just a general donation they can use where they need. Another way to help SnowCap is to host a food drive through your business, service club, or church. This food will be given to those in need. SnowCap also has an Amazon Wish List and items they currently need on their website. Any donations can be brought to the Portland SnowCap location. The address is 17788 SE Pine St. Portland, OR 97233 and it’s open on weekdays from  9AM-3PM. Money donations can be done online on their website or sent by mail to PO Box 160, Fairview, OR 97024.


3. Our Father’s House:

Our Father’s House takes donations year-round. These donations go to homeless families in need. They accept non-perishable foods, adult and children’s clothing, and other items such as office supplies, gift wrapping, bus tickets, supermarket gift cards, new toys, etc. They also take bread, meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. They do not accept prepared food, used undergarments and socks, used toys, and TV’s or entertainment centers. On the Our Father’s House website there is a more detailed list of what they’ll accept or not. The website also provides you with a wishlist of most needed items at the moment and an Amazon wishlist. All donations can be dropped off at their Donation Center, which is located at 5003 W. Powell Blvd. in Gresham. Monetary donations can be made throu