Meet Arista Sather


Arista Sather

Sather has a bright future ahead of her

Coen Neiwert and Leila Capps

Meet senior Arista Sather, Miss Sather has been granted the Dale Krueger scholarship, Veterans of foreign war scholarship, and the Finley academic excellence scholarship. With much hard work, dedication, and persistence Sather has now accumulated $4,150 a year for her future college education. Sather plans on attending OSU and she wants to study fishery and wildlife so she can hopefully become a fisheries scientist for the US forest service or Oregon fish and wildlife department. Sather shares how receiving these scholarships made her feel, “Receiving all these scholarships made me feel like people saw faith in me going to college and putting education towards something to better our community.” Congratulations Arista Sather for your tremendous hard work and dedication!