Shaylee O'Hara

Barlow alumni Shaylee O’Hara asked Tyler Poureetezadi at Great Wolf Lodge pre Covid.

Arika Engstrom, Assistant Editor

The annual Sadie Hawkins winter formal, also known as Barlow’s “Snowball,” is coming soon. This dance is usually planned to be held in December, but due to Covid restrictions and not knowing if Barlow would hold dances this year, rumors have surfaced that it will be held in mid-January. This dance is regularly known for girls to ask guys or whomever they may concern. 

Preparing for these formal dances should be fun and exciting, and one way to get started preparing is by asking someone to go to Snowball with you. If you or someone else may be struggling to come up with ways to ask another individual, here are some ideas:. 


  • Make a poster board with a cliche quote or saying that relates to you or the person you are asking.
  • Create something food-related.
  • You could make a meaningful handwritten note and give it to the person you might be asking.
  • Bluntly ask the person if they want to go with you.
  • Have friends help put together a proposal.
  • Decorate vehicles or lockers.
  • Get your animals involved.
  • Weekly advisory announcements. (Send in a video to leadership and see if they would be willing to include it in the weekly announcements.)
  • Decorate a mask.
  • Make a TikTok.
  • Surprise someone at their house.
  • Make something sport-related if they are involved in a sport or activity.


All in all, if you are trying to decide who to ask and how to ask someone, don’t feel pressured. This activity should be fun and exciting, along with something you want to do. Remember, this experience should be about having fun, spending time with friends, and getting creative with the ideas you come up with. No stress should be involved for something that should be exciting. Barlow staff want to make sure this activity is welcoming to everyone and students have a good time while ensuring they’re safe. 

Make sure to be on the lookout for more details to come, including the date, time, and the theme for Snowball. Don’t forget to mark your calendars when the time comes!